sábado, 3 de enero de 2015

Two new papers published!

As I post about two weeks ago, we were notified two of our papers would be published. Today has been published the second one so the post of today is where I gather both in order to everyone can consult it:

The first is titled "Cosmopolítica y Biopolítica en los regímenes de bioseguridad en la Unión Europea" published in the Chilean review "Pléyade", here is the abstract:

"In the last decade the notion of biosecurity has become really relevant in Social
Sciences. These have showed that the concept implies a new approach about the
phenomenon of security. Nevertheless, in this paper we will argue that biosecurity
means something else: it is a completely reconceptualization of the very idea of bios.
On the basis of several documents and proposals of European Union plus some
interviews to experts in the topic, we will put forward that European Union regimes
of biosecurity are a problematization, in the sense established by Michel Foucault,
of life. That is, they open a space in that this enters in the play of truth and false.
Moreover, we will pose that this problematization supposes a particular exercise.
One in that it is shaped at the same time a cosmopolitical and biopolitical proposal.
That is to say, regimes of biosecurity produce a cosmos fold over the living that is a
project of management of life as well. We will argue that the main elements of both has
to do with a new conceptualitation of living as living-together, as something mobile,

threaten, disperse over several scales and trap in strictly structures of codification."

The second one is titled "Subjetividad y subjetivadores en las tecnologías de bioseguridad en la Unión Europea" and was published 10 days ago in the Brazilian review "Polis e Psique", which abstract is here:

This paper analyses the relation between biosecurity and subjectivity. For this, we don’t follow
the narrative and discursive approaches or the poststructuralism that insists in conceptualizing
subject as a fold of external elements. Instead, we resort to actor-network concepts. In
this vein, we put forward the concept of “subjectifiers”, an element that offers the possibility
of a connexion with a reflective effect, and the notion of “scene”, an element defined by having
an affect attached to it. We analyse a case study: technologies of biosecurity in European
Union. We pose that it is possible to describe three subjectifiers (living-together, detachment
and future projection) and a scene characterized by threat as key elements in order to understand
the relation between biosecurity and subjectivity. Panic or threat are not elements inside
our mind or out there. On the contrary, they are dispositions activated when we establish connexions

with the subjectifiers and scenes.

I recommend not only to take a look to our papers, but check all of them because there are so interesting. In the Chilean review, you will find a monographic about cosmopolitics, whilts in the Brazilian review you will find a spacial number about subjectivity and other issues.

As always, I hope you like it and you can do some comments in order to connect us and share our knowledges!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of new researches for everyone!

Photo Credit: Flickr, user Dayna Bateman.