martes, 27 de enero de 2015

Welcome to our webpage!

First, I want to thank everyone who yesterday participated in the question I posed in ResearchGate, I hope more people participate and help to enrich de discussion, I am sure your answers would like everybody, particularly to our research group. 

The post of today is about one issue we was talking the last week. Is about one project we had in mind since the last spring, but for several reasons, we cannot take it off till this week. This project is the construction of a webpage where we can upload our works, reflections, and thus, release our field of knowledge but everyone interested in it.

Although the website is still under construction, you can visit it here and take a look to the main sections and if you want, give us some feedback about it. His name is "Portraits of Bios in the 21th Century-POBI21" (the name is also provisional), and we want to build some forums of discussion about biosurveillance and anthropology, social implications of this realm of the science and technology...

Thumbnail of POBI21
Webpage is organized in six sections: home, about, team, documents, our researches and events. Home is only the greeting and the ways of contact with us (Facebook and Twitter will be available soon). About is the section where we present our aim and our theoretical framework. Then, in team, you can check our personal bios as well as log in to our profiles. The main section is documents, splitted in Publications (papers and other academic outcomes), Working Papers (what are we doing now) and Seminary Summaries (some abstracts about our open seminaries). Our researches is still under construction, but soon you will find the topics we are working and other stuff. Finally, in events, you will see the next congress, meetings, seminaries, etc. where you can find some about our work.

The website is also created in order to link other research groups interested in our topics, and to enlarge the contacts for a later collaborations with people of worldwide. 

We will be publish several events where we will participate (not necessarily organized by us) and the meetings with public assistance (as seminaries where we will read some papers or books). We will be refreshing this section periodically, so I recommend checking it regularly!

Photo Credit: Personal photo