jueves, 1 de junio de 2017

Last May meeting: Fear and Panic. New doctoral defense in POBICS.

This Tuesday we held the last May meeting by POBICS. In this occasion, we discussed and
commented a draft paper by Swen, our postdoc member. He is working on fear and panic within current epidemics. From a psychosocial view, Swen explain in this paper how governance is exercised throughout fear. We gave him some ideas and advises, mainly about empirical data. We think this is a good work, and we hope it will be published soon.

On the other hand, Enrique, one of our PhD students is finishing his doctoral dissertation as we announced last weeks. He is currently carrying out the last administrative tasks, and, if all is ok, we will defend the dissertation last July days or September. Thesis name is “Surveillance and Security. Life’s management in the 21st Century”. The topic is about how life is understood upon some events occurred in the beginning of the 21st Century (H1N1 and ebola outbreak, anthrax attacks, 11-S, controversies like genetically modified food or DNA developments…), and their implications in life surveillance’s and security’s terms. Defense will be opened to anywhere, so we will publish the exact day when we it would confirmed.

Photo Credit: PRO Karl-Ludwig Poggemann