jueves, 15 de junio de 2017

Green economy and Capitalism, our last POBICS meeting

This week we held another feedback and paper's discussion meeting. In this case, the topic was introduced by Jokin, one of our Master student; the topic was about green economy and Capitalism, specifically. 

Jokin presented a complete paper that was about to be delivered as master's dissertation, so we limited to give him some feedback in order to improve his analysis and his manuscript. 

Jokin has done several interviews with "bio" and green-food sellers in order to analyse if this kind of food is really an alternative to the mainstream markets options or instead, it is another "side" about the contemporary Capitalism. The thing is, it is a very insteresting work and we hope Jokin could publish it soon in order to share with all of you his analysis!

Photo Credit: torbakhopper