martes, 6 de junio de 2017

Digital epidemiology, a new meeting by POBICS

This week we have held another POBICS meeting. In this case, the topic was about digital epidemics, alternative actors and the "meeting point" between experts (physicians, nurses, scientifics...) and lay people or non-experts. About this concerns, epidemiology is a topic in which they are developing quickly. Some theories and concepts from Foucault and Actor-Network Theory are very relevant: subjetifier and subjectivity, actants and hybrids...

This issue is being carried out by our colleague Mariana Gavris. Although she has not to defend her doctoral dissertation until 2018, she is making great progress, and these two papers are a real proof of it. 

These papers are very close to completion, so we expect to read them soon published on journals. 

Photo Credit: Penn State