jueves, 30 de junio de 2016

The 4S-EASST Congress is coming!

Today in POBICS, we have perfomed a rehearsal about the 4S-EASST Congress (remember: next
August 31th - September 3rd). The main part of the congress will be held in the CCIB of Barcelona (Port of Maresme, you have the original webpage here). 

In this work, our role was act as if we have performing a real communication, in order to test the sound and if there was some problems between the voices of one table and the voice of the other one (in this big room fits four tables, that is around 100 persons in four tables listening and talking at the same time).

We have seize this opportunity in order to test our next communication to the ESHHS-CHEIRON Congress (last June 30th), we will post the report soon, but it was a very interesting congress and especially, the rest of communications in or round-table (about health, bios and medicine). You cannot lose it!

By the way, we want to announce that our webpage has a new design! We hope you like it and for that, we invite you to watch it: www.pobics.com. You can read our blog there directly, and also know more about future events and come if you want.  

Photo Credit: Alan Light