martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

Meeting of the European Society for the History of Human Sciences with POBICS

The Meeting about History of Science is about to be held! As we posted some weeks ago, POBICS
sent a paper and it was accepted. We do not want to reveal all the details about our contributions, but we thought it could be interesting to post the prezi we will use.

1) Presentation: The epidemiological factor:
 An analysis of the link between medicine and politics in the second half of the XX century.

2) Epidemiology. -More than a public-health discipline/concern. Science - Politics. 1. Complex relationships   2.  Social-technical network

3) Background. 18th-19th Centuries. -The birth of:

1. Clinic - 2. Modern nation-states

-Population & State tensions.

-New patient fields (Foucault, 1974).

-Aim: population control and (bio)surveillance.

-How? Statistics, public hygiene.

4) 40's-50's. 

-Great legal, political, economic, social and legal change in medicine.

-Statistics on (potential)risk assessment, insurances...

-An even more connected-world.

5) About biosecurity...

-From a concrete surveillance to a permanent and continuous surveillance.

-The potential (bio)risk is omnipresent. It could be anywhere, in any moment (in a global scale).

-Thus, statistics become obsolete as a surveillance and control tool.

6) So, what's new?

-Preparedess and the creation of (imagined and future) scenarios.

-Origin: Cold-War. Langmuir: "the aim of surveillance is not individuals, but the disease itself".

-An each more normalized state of emergency.

-The scale is re-framed: Global Health to understand the molecular one.

7) Implications

-Syndromic Surveillance (Fearnley, 2005; 2008).

-Scenarios as states of emergency (Maureira, Tirado, Baleriola, Torrejón, 2015; 2016).

-Syndromic observation (Baleriola, Tirado, Maureira, Torrejón, 2016).

8)  Scenarios as state of emergency in the ebola outbreak

Remember: POBICS will expose this Prezi (and his communication) on June 30th at 9:30 in the CEHIC place at the UAB!

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Photo Credit: __andrew