lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

Course addressed to young (pre)researchers: Introduction to research

At the end of this course (final days of May/ beginning of June), Enrique, one POBICS member will carry out a talk addressed to young researcher and students of postgraduate courses in order to exchange opinions, doubts and clear some issues related to the research world. 

This talk will take place at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, on the Psychology Faculty. The room and time will be announced when it would be scheduled (we recommend subscribing to his blog here).

This talk is free but it has limited capacity, so is important to book your seat contacting with him (in the last link or via email: Furthermore, the talk will be in Spanish. If you have some important question to discuss or resolve in the talk, please send it in the book email.

INDEX (it could be modified or include last hour topics):

1) What is research? And a PhD Program?

2) Who to start to research?

3) Useful and practical tools: From Writing to Online Collaborative Tasks.

4) Helpful resources (Zotero, Web of Science, Google milieu, etc.)

5) Grants and scholarships in Spain.

6) Social Media on Academic Research

7) Two applied cases: POBICS and ebaes

This is all for now. If you are very interesting in any other topic related with research, please tell us and we will include in the talk. We wait your assistance. If you know someone interested in this talk, please share this post!

Photo Credit: Jim Surkamp