viernes, 1 de abril de 2016

New possible collaboration: POBICS & Veterinary

Along our work last months with Focus Group, we contacted with some researchers of the Veterinary's Faculty in our university. It was a very interesting task because it was a very different participants and due to his expertise, he offered a lot of important information. Furthermore, they was so interesting too in our work because they were carrying out a project in farms with vets and farmers about risk perception and biosecurity. 

In this vein, they said us they have found they need a psychosocial aspect in order tu fulfill their knowledge, because some questions related with why (or why not) farmers apply biosecurity mesures in their farms. 

Now, a few months later, we are preparing a new project with this great people in order to learn from them and collaborate in the kind of tasks they need. 

As quick as we can, we will post more information about the particular objectives and what will be our particular role within this project. We are planning some consensus conference with farmers and vets in order to design and improve a tool to risk analysis; and also we could prepare some focus groups and ethnography in this farms in order to know how biosecurity is conceived and practised in this places. 

We will cross fingers, it would be a very interesting work!

Photo Credit: Random Drift