jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

Grants time!

Spring is (almost in Spain) the data where grants, funds and other kind of funding are opened by severals both public and private institutions. In this sense, POBICS are applying to some of this grants and we want to show what are them in order to you could apply when the call would open:

-FPU 2015: This grant is a predoctoral grant and is addressed to young researchers (not groups). It has two phases: one with your average score in your grade studies; and another one with the achievements of your research group, your senior lecturer (your director) and again your average score and CV (publications, conferences, books, etc.). One of our doctoral students has applied recently although last year it was denied. If someone achieve this grant, it is possible to make a stay in other country with other researchers.

-FPI: This grant is a kind of funding for a research group in order to develop a project. In this case, you have to apply with the whole achievements of the research group (the "IP" leader researcher; but also other researchers), and it is so important the quality and the novelty of the project. Sometimes, this grants have a pre-doctoral grant linked (very similar to the FPU) as a part of the budget. We are applying with some buddies of veterinary as collaborators (and not as leader researchers). POBICS, with Co-DIS, has a three years FPI grant from 2015 as leader researchers.

- European Union grants: Very similar to the FPI grants, in this case is most difficult to achieve this grants, but the budget is quite better. You need some "partners" of other countries on the European Union, and so, each partner has a particular role and research to carry out (i.e. compare results between countries, gather any particular kind of datas, etc.).

-Private grants: There are several calls, like "Fundación La Caixa", that works as a private FPU, with more funding; BBVA grants, addressed to research groups in a very concrete areas of knowledge (arts and humanities, biomedicine, economics...).

Photo Credit: Money on a bed of cash