viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015

Some novelties about the blog

Once the hangover's congress has finished, I have to announce some news happened during the week:

First, this blog, Anthropology Of the Bios (AOB), has been fused with the webpage of my research group, called Portraits of the Bios in Contemporary Societies (POBICS, check it out here). In this vein, we think this is a good way to promote both the blog and webpage
because their topic is the same: to analyse and reflect about some current events of bios' management, anthropology, epidemics, etc. In order to power the blog, it has a new look, more minimalist and concrete. We hope you feel comfortable with it and you find easy the access to the whole content.

Henceforth, our website has a new section where the blog is exposed and each post will be updated there too. At the same time, this blog includes the weblink of POBICS and so, you can be informed about our upcoming events, publications or seminaries. Furthermore, we are planning a new project by which all our staff would publish information, discussions, readings, etc; and thus, we will be able to make a daily post. I invite you to visit the website and subscribe for updates!!

In this sense I want to share with all of you we have set a seminary about the Foucaultian course that Deleuze imparted in 1985. The readings will begin next wednesday, 25th in the Social Psychology Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona; talking about "the visible and the expressible". 

I also remind you can follow us in Twitter (@pobics or my account, @ebaes) and in Facebook (click here). We want to know people in order to exchange ideas, knowledge, points of view, information, etc. so we will be happy in order to get in touch with you!

On the other hand, I want to post the recordings made along the congress, so if the heads of the staff give me permission, I will share the videos of Monica Greco, talking about Participating Bodies: Neuroliberal Governmentality and the Politics of Symptoms; Patricia Clough, about Affect After Neoliberalism: Subjectivity, Bodies, and Sociality; Mari-Luz Esteban, pointing some aspects with The reinvention of politics and claim of vulnerability. Theoretical, political and ethnographic somatizations; Silvia Possoco and The Ends of Affect: Deferred Reflections from the Field; and finally, Jasbi Puar talking about Conviviality: New Methods for No Future.

Finally, this week expires the deadline to send the content of the book we are editing, titled "Biossegurança e Biopolítica no Século XXI", a work where we have invite to some researchers to write a chapter about biosecurity and biopolitics, that will be published in 2016. Our chapter will be called as "What is biosecurity? Bios and regimes of vitality". In it, we will talk about biosecurity as a new focus that creates norms to establish what is bios (in the Agamben sense) and what is not-valuable life within the biotic realm. I will write about it later.

PhotoCredit: Flickr, user Arbyreed