martes, 12 de julio de 2016

Scenarios and epidemics. Our last seminary

Yesterday we held the first July seminary, one of the latest seminaries of this course. In this time, we
analysed some scenarios gathered from the CDC & ECDC websites, the WHO webpage, and also from the media like The Daily Telegraph or BBC (you can see one of them below). 

Here some notes about this meeting:

-In scenarios, we found a kairos time, a single event.
-Video "life after Armageddon" is a structure in which we can see how "good people" are going to survive after a period of chaos, disorder ...
-Scenarios are stories where it is built and conveys a particular kind of narrative.
-Textual scenarios are outdated, they can not reach everyone. Video-scenarios can, and we could see how these are this scenarios-as-spectacles.
-The logic of the scenarios is a logic of exceptionality, creating zones of indistinction to answer questions about themselves.
-Can the scenario itself be an operator speed?

3 common elements to all scenarios: Picture, speed, future.

Photo Credit: David Dehetre