jueves, 3 de marzo de 2016

Our papers for the 4S/EASST Congress. Images

With this post we start a serie of publications where we want to show the short abstract about our several contributions to the 4S/EASST Congress (the biggest STS congress around the world), so you could read the topic about our submissions (all of them are in review process so finally,  they could be not accepted). By the way, you can see our track status here.

Today, we show the first one, titled: "Images and State of Emergency in Biological Treats".
Short Abstract: Images have accompanied the social from its origin.We want to reclaim their original status throughout the concept of State of Emergency. We will show some images from recent epidemics (zika, ebola...) understood as scenarios in order to unfold what is an state of emergency and their implications.

Next post you could read about the second proposal, about fear and panic!

Photo Credit: Frankieleon