miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2015

Next paper: Scabies, Fear and Refugees in Germany

As we posted a month ago, we are about to publish several papers at the beginning of2016. One of them is very interesting due to the topic' relevance: the wave of refugees and the controversy given in the european politics and management. 

Because of it, we thought it can be quite important to analyse some news and events where refugees and bios were linked. In that sense, thanking to Swen (our german member), we could write this paper where this work is explained. In this post we will offer some key ideas in order to discuss and to know your opinion:

In the first place, we offer our basic hypothesis and we suggest the relationship between fear ( and other afections too ), and foreigness. Pandemics and the bios, as you will read, is a key element in this relationship due to the afections produced by "the other unknown".

In a second moment, we present the phenomenon as it is being lived in Germany. We present the " Myths of Hygiene " in fictional imaginaries but also in the West History. This point is important because it shows that fear and hygiene is not a new binomium, but a rooted think in our societies.

After this, we present emotions in the view we need them. Those emotions are related with the hygienics myth. Hygienics is enacted as a dispositiff that promote some very concrete emotions, and this occurs not only with scabies in the current wave of refugees, but also it have ocurred other times like the last ebola outbreak or about bioterrorism.

We don't want to show here the whole paper. We want to finalize with these sentence, gathered in this work:

"…Such as the issue of hygiene e.g. I mean I clean my toilet at home. So why should they not self-organise cleaning their toilets as well?”
Thomas de Maziere, German Minister for Internal Affairs.

Photo Credit: Geralt.