jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

Biovigilant citizenship. A new paper is coming!

A month and a half later, we are ending our paper about biovigilant citizenship. Although we wrote some points about it in March, now is when we are reviewing the result and so, we will have a new document ready to be send very soon. 

Finally, the paper brings a landscape where we gather the main theories about the classical citizenship: we begin with a brief abstract from Greece to the 20th Century, talking about the citizen condition and liking it to the main features in each time: classic right, marxism, liberalism...

In a second moment, we focus on these studies that works with new kinds of understand the citizen: Nikolas Rose, Aiwa Ong, Petryna... all of them link the citizen condition to the "bio" condition, each one within their current work (tissues and organs, catastrophes, biohazards...).

Then, we offer our particular vision bringing a new feature to the path opened by these lasts authors. In this vein, we present the biovigilant citizenship as those citizenship that is "invited" not only to be watched, but also being an active vigilant about any kind of biological risk (a new epidemics, an odd man that is bleeding in the street...).

To illustrate it, we work with some images anddocumentos by the WHO and we do a first analysis about HealthMap, an app for smartphones that allows anyone to alert and inform about new cases or biohazards; and also allows to watch if close to his home there is a reported virus or bacteria. Along the analysis we focus on the "paraskeue" or equipment concept given by Michel Foucault.

In the conclusions paragraph, we wide the conception of biovigilant citizenship and we also point out some points about further studies.

Photo Credit: Flickr, user Sascha Kohlmann.